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Here you will find details of our vehicles available to hire as well as their history.
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Seating capacity; 57
Wheelchair accessible ; No
Seatbelted ; No
AEC Routemaster / Parkroyal
RMC1490 (Routemaster Coach) was built in 1962 for London Transport for use on their Greenline long distance routes and was originally painted green.
The specification of these is higher than a standard Routemaster with more legroom, deeper padding on the seats and built from new with doors on the back instead of the usual open platform, designed as a coach rather than a bus of the period.
RMC1490 is restored to its original route X15 East London / LBL London Buses
"Beckton Express" livery from the late 1980's and early 1990's.
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Seating capacity; 62
Wheelchair accessible ; Yes 1
Seatbelted ; No
DAF DB250RS / Alexander ALX400
DLA273 (DAF Lowfloor Alexander) was built in 2001 for Arriva London working out of various North and South London garages.
This class of bus was the very first low floor double decker bus design built for London, starting with DLA1 in 1998.
This bus has been on TV and advertisement many times with us and is a popular choice.
She currently carries a generic London livery with matching company name style.
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Seating capacity; 64
Wheelchair accessible ; Yes 1
Seatbelted ; No
DAF DB250PS / Wright Pulsar Gemini
DW101 (DAF Wright) was built in 2004 for Arriva London South working out of Beddington farm garage on mostly route 403, just like our RMC1490 operated on previously in the late 1970's.
This is the 1007th Wright Gemini body built by Wright.
DW101 is restored into its original, as built livery so ideal for period programs.
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Seating capacity; 40/44
Wheelchair accessible ; Yes 1
Seatbelted ; Yes
Mercedes OC500LE/ MCV C124RLE Evolution
MBL1 was built in 2012 for Perrymans in Berwick Upon Tweed and only 11 of this chassis was built for the UK being a half bus, half coach design. Although the body design is quite common.
The bus is seatbelted minus the 4 tip up seats in the wheelchair bay.
This bus is painted into our own livery.
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Seating capacity; 37/40
Wheelchair accessible ; Yes 1
Seatbelted ; No
Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse
VWL125 was built in 2004 for Wilts & Dorset under the "More" brand.
This bus is painted into our own livery.
This bus is air conditioned.
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Seating capacity; 100
Wheelchair accessible ; No
Seatbelted ; Yes
Currently not in use
Leyland Olympian / Alexander R
L305 (Leyland Olympian) was built in 1992 for the China Light and Power company in Hong Kong. She is a standard bus design of Hong Kong when these was in service.
This 100 seater double decker bus/Coach was used to transport staff to and from the power station before returning to the UK in 2009.
3 point seat belts is fitted throughout, roof luggge racks upstairs for small/light items and air conditioned.
This vehicle is painted into our own livery.
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