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Bus hire for TV / Film and advertisement production.
Over the years you may have seen our buses appear on TV or in an commercial which we have experience in the film industry.

We fully understand the requirements needed for producing the perfect shot.

The distance that may be required to travel for the shoot is not an issue and we usually have last minute availability.

When you hire a bus from us, you get a dedicated, experienced and skilled driver who can perform difficult manoeuvres or reversing if required as well as assisting on the day.

Our buses are fully licenced, insured, taxed and mot'd.

We specialise in London buses personally, hence our fleet of them in Shropshire which we can provide advice if needed. Our buses are kept in as original condition as possible or restored back to how they was in London.
We do have one Hong Kong bus as well as common single decker bus.

All our buses carry a small amount of authentic route numbers and destinations, mostly in the London area as well a small selection of blinds kept in stock covering other areas and routes in London, but some generic blinds such as "City Centre" "Town Centre" "Rail Replacement Service" is carried as well as them all being able to be blanked off to a plain black background if required.

Our London double decker buses have the old fashioned paper type destination blinds which is still in use today in London.

Our single decker buses MBL1 and VWL125 has electronic destinations on the front, side and rear, these can be reprogrammed very quickly or switched off if required.

In the case of DLA273 and DW101, advertisement boards can be easily fitted to the sides and rear, the dimensions can be provided.
We have featured in a lot over the years from commercials, still shoots, TV dramas, Music videos, Comedies, reality TV and documentaries.
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