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Frequently asked questions

Are double decker buses allowed on motorways?

Yes they are, however the current fleet of double deckers can only travel at a maximum speed of 50mph due to their design for mainly city work. Our Routemaster travels at around 40mph.
On single carriageway roads though, the maximum speed for all buses and coaches is 50mph by law.
Coaches and buses are limited to 62mph on motorways.

How do I receive my quote?

A quote can be given verbally if you call us or through email. In both cases a written confirmation is emailed to you. Email is preferred.
It is very important all the destinations and times are clearly given.
There may be times we have to check the routes personally and come back to you to ensure the vehicles fit safely.

How long is my quote valid?

30 days.

Is VAT included?

Bus and Coach private hire is VAT exempt meaning VAT is not charged.
However VAT is charged on filming jobs.

What forms of payment do you accept?

A cheque or bank transfer payment is acceptable and details are on the invoice.
To secure your private hire, a deposit of 100 per bus is required 14 days from the invoice being issued.
Without the paid deposit, the hire date may be offered to someone else after the 14 days.
Full payment will be required 30 days or more before the quoted job is undertaken.
Please do not send cash in the post.

How are quotes charged?

They are based on a set of criterias,
A minimum start fee
Start and finish from depot
The type of vehicle. The vintage Routemaster is the most expensive due to the maintenance upkeep and being worked by 2 members of staff. Our 100 seater is cheaper than hiring 2 coaches.

Can I have my own destination blind made and fitted onto the front of the bus?

Yes you can. These are an additional cost to the hire. They can have written what you would like for example "Richard & Rosie Just Married".
The blind is yours to keep and take home at the end of the day.
A pre-payment will be required for these and will have to be ordered at a minimum of
10 weeks in advance as these are produced by a specialist company.
Our 100 seater, L305 has a electronic destination box so this can be programmed quickly and is free of charge.

I need to hire a bus or coach at the last minute, is this too late?

No it is not, provided we are not already booked out and within our legal driving hours, we usually can be accommodating.







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